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Pioneering Opportunity …


noun op·por·tu·ni·ty

plural op·por·tu·ni·ties

1:  an amount of time or a situation in which something can be done

2:  a favorable combination of circumstances, time, and place

3:  a chance for greater success

4.  a favorable juncture of circumstances

5.  a good chance for advancement or progress

Synonyms: connection, opening, fighting chance, good fortune, opening, platform, toe hold.

Related Words turning point, fortune, lucky break.

Its the vision to see beyond the unexplored realm to bring an inexplicable vision into reality. It’s having the guts to dig deep and believe in yourself and others.  To create something so significant, so remarkable, so successful, that when others stop, go that extra step that changes everything      …….with a dash of brilliant madness!

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Connecting People …


verb   con·nect   /k-nekt/

derivatives   connectable   connectedly

1:  bring together or into contact so that a real or notional link is established

2:  put into contact and/or join together so as to provide access and communication

3:  link to a power supply; hit the intended target

4.  to link together logically related elements in order to draw a conclusion

5.  form a relationship or feel an affinity; associate or relate in some respect

Synonyms:  attach, join, fasten, fix affix, couple, link, secure, hitch, stick, adhere, fuse, pin, screw, bolt, clamp, clip, add, append.

Related Words  articulate, dovetail, integrate, interlock, intermesh, cord, string, wire, cement, coalesce, combine, fuse, unite, weld.

It’s the momentum set into motion as relationships are forged, environments are enriched and communities are served.  Driving change inspire us to exceed our own potential. Trust your inherent wisdom, embrace your inner core of talents, build opportunities, and fuel prosperity …….to shape the future!

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Generating Results


tr.v (vb (mainly tr)   gen-er·ate  

gen·er·at·ed, gen·er·at·ing, gen·er·ates

1:  to produce, define, originate or bring into being; create; give rise to

2:  to be a source, cause of or reason for; inspire

3:  make or cause to be or to become; bring about

4.  cause to happen or be responsible for; create

5.  To produce something according to an algorithm or program or set of rules, or as an intended side effect of the execution of an algorithm or program.

Synonyms: beget, breed, bring about, bring on, catalyze, caucse, create, do effectuate, engender, effect, induce, invoke, make, produce, prompt, result (in), yield.

Related Words: conduce (to), contribute (to), decide, determine, begin, establish, inaugurate, initiate, innovate, institute, introduce, launch, pioneer, start, advance, cultivate, develop, encourage, forward, foster, further, nourish, nurture, promote, enact, render, turn out.

Look, listen, and ask questions to define the problem, frame the resolution, then put everything you’ve got into a targeted course of action.  The process can be daunting, often times it is downright brutal. Never lose the vision.  Be passionate. Surround yourself with incredible people and bring to reality ……. remarkable endeavors.

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